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Unlike Antelope Slot Canyon near Page Arizona, most slot canyons are “technical” in nature.  That means to get through them requires more than just walking.  Rappelling, sliding, and climbing/scrambling would be a simplified explanation on how we “Get Down.”  Each slot canyon has its own personality.  Some are mean and unrelenting, some are fun and fancy free.  We have two options for canyoneering explorations, a half day and a full day option.  From there, we tailor your canyon to you.  If your idea of an adventure includes getting away from the crowds, Canyoneering needs to be put on your must do list.  We also utilize canyons that are, for the most part, unknown in social media.  We don’t market which canyons we use because canyons constantly change, as do conditions.

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We’re a family run company located right here in Kanab. We share a great passion and joy for showcasing the best of this place we call home to the visitors we receive from all over the world. Our depth of knowledge and commitment to our guests make us one of the best tour companies in the area. Take a hike with us through the iconic National Parks of The West and learn about the natural history and wildlife, or buckle-up and hit the sand trails with us on an action-packed ATV tour!

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