Tiffany and Cory Unsworth honeymooned in Southern Utah in 1999.

This area went deep into our hearts, and never left. For years, we kept feeling it calling us back. Calling us home. We have experienced several ventures in business and working in the public sector. We love people, and feel it a privilege to serve them in a way that leaves them feeling uplifted!

In 2014, we had the opportunity to move to Kanab and purchase an existing tour company, ATV Kanab.  We expanded the day tour offerings to include visits to National Parks and Hiking tours.  We continue to add tours to our slate each year, and are very grateful when guests return to us, wanting to go somewhere new!

We brought our five children to Kanab with us, and vowed to never leave.  Our kids love the area, and have found it easy to put down permanent roots here.

Now, we find it to be an absolute dream, living in Kanab, Utah. We show people from all around the world the wonders that abound here. And it never gets old. We offer tours that accommodate all kinds of fitness levels, ages, and interests. If you have the time, we will show you something spectacular!

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  1. We had the most fabulous day. We've never paid for a tour before and did not know what to expect. I cannot recommend highly enough Cory and his wife Tiffany. It was one of the best days we've ever had. We started off driving to Peekaboo slot Canyon. Cory told us interesting things along the way. Then we drove all through the back country, up and down sand dunes and then went to see the most amazing pictographs we've ever seen. Thank you guys. We will definitely be back for another tour. We may even plan on coming back every spring break. Thanks guys. You made our day
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      Thank you so much for joining us on tour! We loved spending time with your family, and were grateful to enjoy the natural wonders in this area together!
  2. Tiffany and Cory gave us a great experience, from start to finish! Cory took us on day tours to Bryce and Zion. They were the best tours we have been on! He paid great attention to my husband's disability needs while still giving us great tours. We hope to go back soon!
    • Thank you, Joan! We loved sharing this area with you. We would love to see you again!

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