Grand Canyon North Rim Tour

Grand Canyon

The busy world seems to stand still as the sun dives deep into the Grand Canyon, touching the Colorado River as it continues to carve a path deep in the earth. The crevice is a mile deep and over 275 miles long. The park encompasses over 1.2 million acres, and it is 10 miles wide in many sections.

The air is crisp and refreshing at the Grand Canyon North Rim.

The views, trails, and tours are just as renewing as the air. Located in northern Arizona, just south of the Utah border, the North Rim is 1000′ higher than the South Rim, resulting in cooler temperatures and a more lush forest environment. The Grand Canyon is host to about 4 million local and international visitors each year, and is credibly one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Your guide with Kanab Tour Company takes you into the Grand Canyon in unique ways. Many choose to experience the Grand Canyon on the back of a sure-footed mule, or choose the option to hike to a few of the overlook points instead. The Grand Canyon Lodge serves a delicious lunch and offers a charming gift shop village for those with a shopping passion. Kanab Tour Company provides you with an experienced guide at the Grand Canyon North Rim, giving you a greater advantage to history, knowledge, and geology that others may miss.

We take you to the main points as well as the breathtaking back points of the canyon, which should never be missed. Our small groups and vehicle sizes gives us an advantage to access some of the best parts of the canyon where traditional tour buses are not permitted.

Included in this tour:

Lunch (open menu) at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge

Hikes and scenic drives to viewpoints the big buses miss

Education about the incredible geology found in layers of rock

Optional add-on:

One Hour Mule Ride experience along the Kaibab Plateau.  This ride does not descend into the canyon.  There is an overlook point where your mule will be roughly 20 feet from the ledge, and mules will travel together along paths they are very familiar with. Most of the ride is guided through forested areas by a separate guide.  Participants must be 7 years or older and weigh less than 220 pounds.  If part of the group wishes to ride, we can find alternative activities for the other participants.