Peekaboo Slot Canyon Tour

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Enter into another world as you walk through this secluded hallway of stone.  The best part about it: sometimes we are the only ones there.

It is possible to get to this jewel on foot, however we highly discourage it.  We have picked up many a weary traveler, hiking through sand trails, thinking that they were close to the destination when in fact they had hours to go.

Let us bring you there in our JEEP or our OHV's, and you are sure to have a fun and comfortable ride.  In fact, if you are to ride or drive our Two Man or Four Man machines for an ATV Tour experience, we take a side trip over some awesome sand dunes and hills on the way to the slot canyon.  This is an experience unlike any other Tours of Peekaboo Slot Canyon in the area.

This is a 3 hour experience.  There is great variety on this tour.  You spend the first portion on an exciting ride to the slot canyons.  The distant scenery of Navajo Sandstone is stunning, and the foreground offers glimpses of local plants and wildlife.  All while riding along on a back country sand trail, only accessible by 4 Wheel Drive.

After riding over the dunes and into a creek bed, the adventure through the slot canyon is an easy stroll through a slender passage that will mesmerize any photographer, hiker, or adventurer. The warm reds, cool browns and hot orange spectrum of colors are meticulously layered by Mother Nature into the sandstone walls.

The Peekaboo slot canyon tour will not disappoint, and at times you may feel a sense of reverence and peace as you walk through this place that has been enjoyed by humans for centuries.

Our guides will share their knowledge of and love for the area, and are always willing to answer any questions you may have.   Let them keep you safe and informed, allowing you to simply enjoy the experience.

After walking to the end of the canyon, you will turn around and come back to the beginning, finding that you see entirely new things.  Each bend and twist of the structure, combined with varied strengths and angles of light, provide a feast for the eyes and the soul.

After this refreshing hike, we will get back into our machines and bring you back.  Occasionally we have time for a bonus ride, depending on the time spent in the canyon.  You can ask your guide about this.  We pride ourselves in customizing our tours to our guests' interests.

The ATV's our guests drive hold 2-4 people.   We prefer these machines to single man machines for the purpose of safety.

Our prices are determined by how many machines are used by your group.  Our guides may be driving your machine or driving in front of you in their own machine.  We work out a configuration that you are comfortable with.

You may book online, or call us at 435-644-5525 and we'd be happy to help you with the reservation process.

Prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax.