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  1. My husband is 66 and I am 63. We are in good physical condition. We are interested in attempting to win the lottery for the wave. how difficult and long is the hike to the Wave and how much would you charge for a guided tour?
    • Hello! The Wave hike is roughly 8 miles, round trip, over sand trail, slick rock, and river wash beds. If you are in good health, you should be fine. Depending on the time of year, it could be very difficult to obtain a permit. You have a better chance of obtaining one in person, here in Kanab, than through the online lottery. We would charge $325, plus tax, for a guided tour to the Wave, which includes transportation in a 4WD vehicle, guided hiking and ensuring safety along the way, showing you interesting things all through North Coyote Buttes, and getting you back to Kanab. Let us know if we can help with any further questions! 435-644-5525
  2. We will be in Las Vegas on 8-27 for a week. we have 3 people. We love to go to The Wave. We are now very disappointed that it is on lottery. The price i see on your reply to Mary stated $325. is it per person?
    • Hi Michael, The cost for one hiker is $350. As the group size increases, the cost per person goes down. For three people, the cost is $150 per person, or $450 for the group. We wish you luck on the lottery, and we would feel lucky indeed to guide you there!
  3. We also like to take the ATV tour. Is it a guided tour?
    • Ye, Michael. We guide all of our tours. We would love to take you anytime, Monday-Saturday.
  4. Question--under your heading for THE WAVE TOUR it says from $99, however following the description it lists price as $350. That's quite a leap from $99 which was implied was associated with The Wave. What is the $99 experience?
    • Thanks for asking, Daryl! We charge $99 per person for a group size of 6. If you are a lone hiker, the cost is $350. The cost per person goes down as the group size goes up. We are the only company in Kanab who offers price breaks in this regard, as opposed to a flat rate per person. I hope this helps!

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