Sandy Hooper (Saunders)

We won next day walk-up permits for The Wave and stopped in Kanab Tour Company to find out about their guide services since we were concerned about our car making the drive and we were interested in seeing secondary sites around The Wave. The woman at the front desk was so friendly and she assessed our tour desire and skill level (experienced hikers) and assured us that if anyone else were to book a tour of The Wave for our date, she would make sure we were matched with people of equal skill level so that everyone would have a great experience. Lucky for us, it was just the 2 of us + our incredible guide Saunders. We immediately hit it off with him. I’ve never hired a guide before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect but he was so friendly and he had great insight to the area. On the drive to the parking area, he talked a lot about the geology which gave us things to look out for. On our hike out to The Wave, he pointed out flowers and plants – he was knowledgable! Once we got to The Wave, he was even kind enough to take some photos of us on our phones, but even on his fancy phone that had a really wide lens. After The Wave, Saunders took us up to Top Rock Arch. After that we went over to The Alcove which totally blew us away. Absolutely incredible spot that we would not have seen without him. He took some really incredible photos of there (shared here). We then hit up Melody Arch and then made our way back through The Wave one last time on our way back to the car. Saunders was so incredible. He was constantly checking how we were feeling, made sure we took enough water/sunblock breaks, and was just a real joy to be around all day. He followed up with a link to download all of the photos he took of us. Honestly, that was so incredible. It’s so hard to get photos of the two of us together that are not posed so I really thought that was so special. I will sing Kanab Tour Company’s praises to anyone I know making their way through Southern Utah!

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