The Barracks

The Barracks

The Barracks ride is a thrilling one.  We take you on a tour that is exclusive to our company, on the east side of Zion National Park.

Ride with us over back roads, through a colorful Navajo Sandstone Canyon.  You will feel as though you are separated from the bustle of the world as you take this fun and relaxing ride.

One of the highlights of this tour is crossing through a creek bed several times.  There is just enough water in this creek to create great splashing as you cross.  Depending on the time of year, there will be more water in the creek, or less.  There will be times when we do not take this tour because of high, swift moving water.

After crossing through the creek, it is time to scale the hills with our ATV's!  Up and up we go until we reach a vista and view that will leave you speechless. We have had great experiences on this tour with those who are used to a busy life in big cities.  To step out of the ATV, to look around, and to hear nothing but peace and see nothing but the natural world is truly a treasure!  One client said, "I've never heard such silence before".

ATV's can bring you where other vehicles can't.  It is so fun to get up and away on this tour!


1-2 people $225

3-4 people $275

5-6 people $335

7-10 people $550

11-13 people $725

14-16 people $900

For Larger groups than 16, call for pricing.

Prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax.