1/2 Day Canyoneering Tour

Secluded Slot Canyon

Great for beginners

Rappel with our expert guides!

What is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering is the art of descending a canyon.  Simple as that.  Okay, well sometimes not quite that simple.  Sometimes, especially in the Southern Utah Red Rock country, descending a slot canyon involves ropes, rappelling, down-climbing, sliding, and otherwise getting down through whatever challenges the canyon might throw at us.  Canyoneering is a fun, team-building exercise in the most beautiful terrain imaginable.

Our guides equip you with high quality helmets, harnesses, gloves and rappelling devices.  We then give you techniques on how to rappel effectively and efficiently.  Kanab Tour Company has, and always will have, a Two-Man Canyoneering System.  This insures all rope rigging is done correctly and thoroughly checked.  One of your guides will always act as the belay person.  A belay person protects the rappelling client from any chance of falling.  Proper communication is key.  Our clients’ safety and comfort is always first and foremost, and it is always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes (and hands for photo taking!).  We want you to walk away from this experience with added confidence.

We have successfully taken many families through canyoneering adventures.  We love to see the team-building and cooperation that comes through this activity.  Many of our past clients have told us that this was the highlight of their Southern Utah Adventure.  Let us help make it the highlight of your vacation.

Get away from the tourist hoards and experience something truly unique. Our one-on-one instructional experience will give you confidence as you descend through a multi-layer slot canyon, learning canyoneering techniques along the way! A perfect activity for any age!

Canyoneering Highlights

Experience once in a lifetime views.

Enjoy a thrilling experience with our expert guides.

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Trip Details


1/2 Day Canyoneering:

Minimum, $399

2-3 People, $199

4+ People, $189

Minimum Age is 5 yrs

  • 5 hours with up to 6 rappels
  • Rappels up to 60 feet in height
  • Depending on the time of year there could be water in the canyons.  Shoes may get wet.  (usually dry canyon)

Maximum of 8 Guests per group (please call if you have a larger group size)

Minors must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

All prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax (8.20%)

Price per hiker:
• 1 hiker: $350
• 2 hikers: $175
• 3 hikers: $150
• 4 hikers: $125
• 5 + hikers: $99
• Wire Slot Canyon optional add-on $150

All prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax (7.95%)

Departure Dates:

April-October,  Monday through Saturday

1/2 Day Canyoneering 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM departures


November-March,  Monday through Saturday

1/2 Day Canyoneering 8:00 AM


Family rappelling
Canyoneering is great for all ages


Price includes:
  • Safe transport to a trail-head in an off-road vehicle,
  • Top-of-the-line canyon/climbing equipment
  • Always!  Two Guides.  One guide and one assistant guide to teach and assist.

Price excludes:

Lunch and snacks

Meeting Location:

Our office: 681 Chinle Drive, Kanab, Utah, 84741.
We’re easy to find, located right across the street from the Bureau of Land Management Visitor Center.

(Unless otherwise arranged)

• Your Permit! You will not be granted access if you forget to bring it.
• A gallon of water to maintain safe hydration levels and a transportable lunch packed with high energy snacks and a filling sandwich.
• Good quality, comfortable walking shoes with ankle support.
• Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
• Your camera.


After an orientation at our office, we will transport you to the trailhead, 15 miles from Kanab.

What to bring:
  • Shoes with a grip on the soles,
  • Small day pack to carry water (up to 2 litres) and your own personal needs (sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, hat, snacks, and camera).

Tour Inclusions

Travel with our expert guides who have decades of experience in the canyoneering field!  Be transported to remote and beautiful slot canyons as we spend the day descending through a canyon specifically chosen to your experience level and time constraints.  Each canyon is unique and some can be quite committing.  Our guides pride themselves at their ability to assist our clients.  We give you the tools to successfully descend and then stand back as you problem solve your way through the canyons.  Our guides are outdoor educators and are passionate about risk management.  In short, we realize that descending through slot canyons may make you nervous.  We feel that giving you an understanding of the rope systems and skill sets will help you walk away with a giant boost of self confidence. Patience and encouragement are hallmarks of our system.

Enjoy a few hours or a full day with us, and we are sure to deliver an experience unlike any other in Southern Utah!

There will be moderate hiking involved, as we make our way back to the trailhead, and gorgeous views will meet your eye in any direction as you enjoy your time with us. This tour provides adventure as well as relaxing moments!  Usually our half day adventures will include a couple miles of hiking or less.  Click here for a full day canyoneering tour.