White Pocket Tour

White Pocket

Enter into another world, where sandstone tells stories.

This destination is like no other.  For one thing, it is removed from civilization.  As you walk across red and white ribbons of rock, you feel a sense of transport.  This is the perfect scene for a Star Wars film!  No green screens needed.

Our Tour of White Pocket begins in Kanab, Utah, where we pick you up at your destination (or, if coming from Page, AZ, we will meet you at a junction where you may leave your car).  We then take you over the House Rock Valley Road to access the trails leading to White Pocket.  Four Wheel Drive vehicles are a necessity on these trails, and it is our pleasure to transport you off road, on the Jeep trails we are so familiar with.

Once at White Pocket, we spend as much time as you'd like hiking around on the stunning hexagonal white rock and perusing the swirls of Mother Nature. This area is a favorite of photographers, for good reason.  It is very close to the North Coyote Buttes area, however, visitors to White Pocket are not required to win a permit to enter.

Also, in comparison to The Wave, the White Pocket area is much larger, and provides myriad opportunities for landscape photography.   Our experienced guides can show you several faces of the structure which will provide you with excellent photos.

The White Pocket Tour is an 8-9 hour experience, including travel time to and from Kanab.  We offer departure times according to your interests.  Our standard departure is 7:30 a.m. , however we are flexible, and love to cater to the interests of our clients.  Most of our tours are private tours. The small group experience lends toward the making of wonderful memories!

After enjoying the White Pocket area, it is time for the return trip, which  is stunning.  Views of the Grand Staircase can be seen in the distance, and your guide can show you what a Moqui Marble is along the way.   If you see something you'd like to stop and shoot (with a camera, of course!), just let your guide know.

This tour may be enjoyed in our Jeep, or you may prefer to take the ATV's.  Because it takes more resources to bring ATV's to White Pocket, we charge accordingly.  Either experience is wonderful; it is simply a matter of preference.

Prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax.

Add our South Coyote Buttes Tour (permits required) on to your White Pocket experience for just $150 more for the group!  These places are located near each other. It adds value to your day to see both places while you are out there. This addition will increase your tour time by 1.5-2 hours.