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Hi there, and a huge welcome to Kanab Tour Company!

We’re Tiffany and Cory Unsworth, and we’ve been proudly running Kanab Tour Company since 2014 when we decided to uproot and move to Kanab – a place that’s very close to our hearts.

We packed up our family (including our 5 beautiful kids!) and embarked on our new adventure. We didn’t waste any time settling in and developing our day tours which are designed to showcase the very best of the Kanab area through a range of fun, customizable and adventurous activities, suitable for everyone!

It makes us so happy to spend our days sharing ATV adventures and stunning National Park hikes with our guests who join us from all over the world. We never tire of hearing about how much fun our guests had or about how much local knowledge they gathered from our guides; it’s what drives us to keep growing as a team and to provide the best day tours, right here in our home, Kanab.


Tiffany & Cory - Owners

The adventure-loving, warm-hearted duo behind Kanab Tour Company. They turn every tour into a fun-filled family adventure, where you’re guaranteed to feel like a cherished member.  With a passion for exploration and a whole lot of love, they’re all about unforgettable outdoor experiences and making new friends. They have grown Kanab Tour Company into more than just a business—it’s a tight-knit family.

Ashlee - Fleet Manager

Ashlee is our do-whatever-it-takes office staff.  She will also leave her post and help out on ATV tours and Canyoneering tours.  We are still not sure what Ashlee can’t do.  If she’s not at work, she’s probably out longboarding or playing with her dogs that are larger than horses.

Barb - Gift Shop

The gift shop would be in chaos without her! She’s a bundle of fun & friendliness, and anyone who stops by leaves with a smile thanks to her cheerful charm. Barb is the best of the best!

Becca - Guide

After growing up a Navy brat, she put her love of travel, cultures, and languages to use teaching high school foreign language classes for close to a decade. When the tug of the great outdoors & the western United States became too strong to say no to, she completely revamped her life, moving from Tennessee to Utah and found her niche as an outdoor guide. Becca is the best! You’ll have a ton of fun adventuring along with her.

Cash - Guide

This guy is an adventure master! Former Grand Canyon river guide turned Kanab Tour Company star, he’s been wowing travelers for over 12 years. His stories about indigenous history will blow your mind! You’d be lucky to join Cash for an unforgettable journey through time, nature, and culture. You’ll leave with a deep connection to this magical corner of the world.

Dan - Guide

Dan Boemeke loves to explore slot canyons and caves.  He is also a serious musician. Dan is an excellent risk manager who has a passion for wilderness.  When he’s not working, he may be out searching for people as he is one of our guides who’s a member of Kane County Search and Rescue’s high ropes team.

Heather - Guide

This girl is the ultimate nature guru! With a passion for the great outdoors and a background in biology, she’s your go-to guide for unforgettable adventures. Whether it’s canyoneering or exploring Heather’s knowledge shines as bright as the sun, ensuring a breathtaking experience. You’ll love joining her for an awe-inspiring journey!

Jason - Master Mechanic

He’s the ultimate lifeguard for our gear, keeping it in tip-top shape, rescuing them from tough spots, and making sure the fun never stops. With a passion for riding and all things technical, he’s like a trail wizard who makes the impossible look easy. Jason is the master of trails!

Jeff - Rental Dude

Not only is he your instant buddy, but he’s also all about making your customer experience top-notch. Catch him holding down the fort at HQ, overseeing rentals like a pro! Jeff’s the master of clean machines, proper check-ins, gear briefings, and setting you up for a safe ride.

Kelly - Guide

Kelly Livingston loves a challenge.  She won’t back down from hardly anything.  Kelly does it all, from ATVs to hiking and canyoneering.  There’s very few who are as competitive as she is.  She was given the nickname Nascar Kelly from some guests and it stuck.  We won’t go into the reasons why

Kirk - Guide

Also known as Moose in certain circles.  Kirk is a country boy at heart.  Kirk loves the backcountry and is just about as friendly as it gets.  When he’s not working, he’s probably out taking the grandkids on ATV rides.

Larry - Guide

Larry is our OG.  He has been here at Kanab Tour Company the longest.  He knows all the trails inside and out.  Larry is a definite jack of all trades.  One of which is a Realtor.  So…when you get hooked coming back to Kanab time and time again, he’s the one to help you.  Larry loves to fish, especially with his grandkids.  It’s hard to keep him indoors very long.

Mica - Guide

Mica Church is one of our Canyoneering experts.  Her infectious laugh makes any tour a blast.  Ask her about one of her many trips rappelling and rafting through side drainages of the Grand Canyon.  Mica is a mom of five kids….better yet, she’s a “tough mother” with some serious backcountry skills.

Molly - Office Staff

Molly keeps us moving.  Molly assists us with running the office.  She may be your first contact with us as she is always answering phone calls and logistical questions.  She is also a superb risk manager.

Morgan - Social Media & Marketing

With a knack for crafting captivating content and a deep understanding of digital landscapes, she’s the driving force behind our online success. From strategizing killer campaigns to fostering engaged communities, she’s all about making waves in the ever-evolving world of social media and marketing. You may bump into her on tour, as she likes to tag along to snap photos every chance she gets!

Nick - Guide

Nick loves to take families out into the wilderness and teach them about the area. He is especially great with children, having four of his own. His true passion is in canyoneering. If you like to get away from the crowds Nick will always be ready to concoct some sort of crazy adventure for you.

Shelly - Guide

Not only is Shelly a fantastic guide, but she’s a professional photographer, a certified Wilderness Emergency Responder, and a dedicated Bureau of Land Management Safety Patrol Volunteer. Plus, she’s got the gift of gab—this gal can talk up a storm! She’s a powerhouse & we are lucky to have her. Be sure to book a photography tour with her if you’re looking to get professional shots of stunning places in your portfolio!

Tanner - Guide

We’re pretty sure ‘Adventure’ is his middle name – I mean, have you seen how much time he spends outdoors? He’s like a walking encyclopedia of cool local history and geology, and his excitement is absolutely infectious! When we asked about his favorite tour, he practically named them all. Can you blame him? This place is a playground for fun. You’ll be one lucky duck to hit the trails with Tanner!

Trevor - Guide

Trevor Lee likes to move.  Whether it’s on a RZR or hiking through the backcountry, he can go all day.  Trevor hails from Idaho and has a rambling spirit.  Trevor is also known as Papa by his two granddaughters.


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