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The Wave Tour

Discover the iconic beauty that awaits in the heart of the northern Arizona desert

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Prepare to be Mesmerized as You Tour The Wave in Coyote Buttes, Arizona

Visitors are limited to protect this beautiful land. You MUST obtain a BLM permit before we can take you on this tour.

Now, let’s talk about The Wave. It’s a mind-blowing sandstone wonder right on the Arizona-Utah border. We’re here to hook you up with a ride to the trailhead and a savvy guide to help you conquer the desert. 

Once you’re there, it’s all about free exploration. Get lost in the smooth curves and rolling formations. Absorb the dusty reds and brilliant blue skies – it’s pure magic. Plus, our guide is your go-to for history, plants, geology and wildlife info. Let’s make this hike unforgettable!