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South Coyote Buttes Hiking Tour

Be captivated by the magic of the Coyote Buttes region!

Quick Details

You’ll be sent a waiver to sign along with your booking confirmation.

2-Man OHV For up to 2 people
4-Man OHV For up to 4 People
2 Passenger OHV Ride-Along We Drive! For up to 2 Passengers
3 Passenger OHV Ride-Along We Drive! For up to 3 Passengers
4WD - 8 Hr 2 People - $150 each add'l Person up to 5 Passengers

Explore the South Coyote Buttes region in Arizona by ATV or 4×4 and on foot.

Meet the Southern cousin of The Wave – South Coyote Buttes! It’s got its own unique mystique, and just like the North side, you’ll need a BLM permit for this exclusive adventure.

The Benefits to using ATV’s in our backcountry.

Getting there on ATV or 4x4s? We give you the choice! Rallying through the backcountry sandy trails and desert terrain is a thrilling experience you will never forget. Once you roll in, your friendly guide will share the area’s secrets while you’re surrounded by the warm, vibrant hues of reds, oranges, and yellows painting the sandstone canvas. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!