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Kanab in Top 10 ATV Destinations in U.S.

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Kanab has been selected #6 in the top 10 ATV destination in the entire US by Polaris Adventures, and for good reason!  Kanab boasts some of the best trails you can find leading to some of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Kanab is surrounded by Zion National Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, The Wave, White Pocket, Bryce Canyon National Park, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon, and local hiking and ATV trails too numerous to count.  If you’re looking to hit the trails this year and reset, then Kanab is a spectacular choice.

Top 5 ATV Destinations in Kanab

1. Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon

Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon in Kanab.

If you’re looking to pack in some serious fun and adventure into a few hours while you’re in Kanab, then this is the tour for you! Race over sand trails in 2 or 4 person ATVs towards the breathtaking Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon and learn about this special area from one of our experienced tour guides. This tour is ideal for those looking for fun, awesome views, and a true canyon experience!  Most of our clients tell us they like our Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon experience better than Antelope Canyon!

2. White Pocket

White Pocket infinity pool.

Get lost in otherworldly landscapes and walk over ancient geological formations that will truly blow your mind!  Be part of a convoy of ATVs and zoom over sand dunes and backcountry trails in your quest to discover the mesmerizing White Pocket area.

3. North Rim

View from the North Rim.

Experience a once in a lifetime ATV ride to backcountry overlooks into the North Rim.  The north rim of the Grand Canyon, known as the Kaibab, sticks out like a big thumb through the southwest.  Words always fall short describing the scale of the Grand Canyon. There may be no better way to view the rim than by using our open air Side-by-Side (SxS) ATVs to efficiently access overlooks such as Crazy Jug Point, Monument Point, Thunder River, and the Kanab Wilderness overlooks of Sowats point, Jumpup and Goosenecks point.  It’s easy to get lost so have one of our experienced guides show you the way.

4. East Zion

Trails all to ourselves. That’s how we do.

Located just outside the eastern boundary of Zion National park, Kanab Tour Company’s East Zion ATV Tour is a must do if you’re looking to escape the crowds.  Rarely do we see anyone else where we take you!  Visit breath-taking overlooks and color patterns in the sandstone that rival the Wave in Coyote Buttes.  Couple that with an ATV trail that will descend seemingly impossible terrain, and you will get a fixed grin that may be difficult to remove!

5. South Coyote Buttes

Coyote Buttes South is a legend.

The Southern cousin to The Wave, South Coyote Buttes has a mystique all of its own. Just like North Coyote Buttes, it is protected from high foot traffic, so you’ll need a permit to visit.  Marvel at the teepee rock formations, some tower over 25 feet tall! Explore other formations like Gumdrop Rock, Radio Tower, Cottonwood Cove, Pawhole and of course the “Mini Wave” which bears a striking a resemblance (albeit smaller!) to its big brother, The Wave.

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime this year, please get in touch today to discuss what options are available.  Call 435-644-5525