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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

a person petting a dog

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is home to over 1,500 animals that have been rescued.  Dogs, cats, parrots, pigs, horses, bunnies and wild animals have found protection and love in the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary.  Visitors who come to the sanctuary find a special atmosphere of loving care and hope, and often can’t help leaving with a new friend to take home!

Many visitors come to Kanab with the hopes of spending time at the sanctuary.  Some come to tour the facility and learn about how to care for homeless pets.  Some choose to volunteer while here, and find great satisfaction in nurturing those who need homes.  Some who visit find great peace as they walk through Angel’s Rest and hear the windchimes sing a peaceful song in remembrance of those who have passed on.


If you are visiting Kanab to spend time at Best Friends, we invite you to round out your experience with a tour.  We offer pick up and drop off at the sanctuary, and many of our tours occur right near there.  Let us help you make your visit to the area all it can be.