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How We Roll: Getting Around in the Backcountry with Kanab Tour Company

Drive or Be Driven? We Give You Options.

-Nick Smith, Senior Guide

We absolutely love our ATVs.  

Some folks may feel a little trepidation about driving ATVs.  While some of our tours are designed for a thrilling driving experience, many others are designed to incorporate a more efficient option to get from the pavement to the trailhead.  We have a tour option for everyone from the adrenaline seeker to the faintest of heart! Here are a few things about our ATVs that you may not realize:

1. Safe and comfortable rides

As a Polaris Adventure Partner, Kanab Tour Company is proud to drive Polaris machines. We specifically tour with the model known as the RZR.  These machines incorporate safety features such as seat belts and roll cages.  They also incorporate peppy motors and very soft comfortable suspension.  Many of our clients find they ride much more comfortably in these machines than our 4×4 jeeps and trucks!  Specifically we utilize the models:  RZR XP, RZR PRO XP, and RZR Turbo R.

2. Best views of the landscape

One of the challenges for guide companies is how to get clients through rough sandy roads efficiently.  Our ATVs provide an open-air experience for fantastic views while driving to the location.  Every seat is a great seat! As we say, the journey and the destination together make an adventure.

3.  Efficiency

In a RZR, we can safely and comfortably get to our destinations much quicker than a normal loaded 4×4 vehicle would.  This gives us more time to hike and explore on foot.  The ATVs are especially nimble on deep sandy roads, which we have an abundance of in Southern Utah.

4.  We let you decide.  ATV or 4×4

We realize that ATVs are not for everyone.  If you’d prefer a traditional experience, we offer a fleet of comfortable Jeeps and high clearance 4x4s.  You may ride along with a knowledgeable guide and enjoy!  This is especially helpful during the colder winter months.  When booking, please let our office staff know which you would prefer.

5.  Important Reminders.

  • DOT Helmets are mandatory for all ATV participants, Kanab Tour Company will outfit you with the perfect helmet and goggle combination.
  • Drivers must be 18 and have a current valid drivers license.  There are no exceptions.
  • Youngsters may ride along in the RZRs as long as they can sit in the seat with a safety belt secured and have their feet touch the floor.  Generally this occurs at age 5.