South Coyote Buttes ATV Tour

Visitor Permit Required

Fun ATV Experience

Perfect for Groups

If you’ve been lucky enough to get a permit for the South Coyote Buttes area, it would be our absolute pleasure to show you around! And what better way to do so than with an action-packed ATV tour of this beautiful area! We’ll help you inject a serious dose of fun and adventure into your day while showing you all the must-see features of the area, and happily share our local knowledge with you as we explore this unforgettable area together, in the best way possible!


Explore a special, protected area with a passionate guide, in a unique way!

Inject some fun and adventure into your tour with the ATV experience.

See the famous teepee rock formations and experience the “Mini Wave.”

Indulge yourself in a photographer’s paradise.

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Trip Details


Pricing is based on group size and vehicle selection, and is calculated during the booking process.
Price guide:
• 2 person ATV: $469
• 4 person ATV: $599
• 1 4WD Jeep or Pickup (up to 5 people): $425 for 2 people, $90 each additional person

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• All prices are subject to Utah Sales Tax (8.20%)
• Select the “ride-along” option at the time of booking if you’d prefer your guide to do the driving.

Departure Times:

Depending on the time of year, between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. We’ll confirm at the time of booking.

Meeting Point:

• If you are in Kanab, Utah, please meet us at our office (681 Chinle Drive, Kanab, Utah 84741)
• If you’re coming from Page, Arizona we can meet you at a point approximately halfway between Page and Kanab.
• Your guide will meet you and transport you, along with the ATVs, to the tour departure point.


Year-round, Monday to Saturday.

Tour Duration:

8-9 hours

• Your Permit! You will not be granted access if you forget to bring it.
• A gallon of water to maintain safe hydration levels and a transportable lunch packed with high energy snacks and a filling sandwich.
• Good quality, comfortable walking shoes with ankle support.
• Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
• Your camera.

Maximum Group Size:

6 per guide, contact us for larger groups.

What To Bring:

• Comfortable, closed-toe shoes
• Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
• Your camera
• Small backpack for personal effects
• A packed lunch with a sandwich and some high energy snacks (you can store it in our cooler)


*You are welcome to store them in our cooler.

Important Info

• We’ll bring along plenty of iced water but won’t provide lunch or snacks. We recommend that you bring along high energy snacks and a filling sandwich which you can store in our cooler.
• This tour to South Coyote Buttes requires a permit. Read more about permits here, or to apply for one click here.
• You’ll cover about approximately 4 to 5 miles of guided hiking through the South Coyote Buttes area.

ATV Participation Requirements

• You’ll need to watch a safety video and sign an ATV/OHV waiver or a hiking waiver after booking this tour.
• The ATV machines we use are very safe and easy to use, think of them as small cars!
• You must be able to fasten the seat belt on the machine.
Children under 5 years old are not allowed on the ATV’s, we have 4×4 Jeep Wranglers for families with youngsters.
• You must be 18 and have a current, valid driver’s license to drive the ATV.
•If you are under 18 years of age, an adult must be present in the vehicle with you.
• The driver must be able to speak and understand English.


Can I make this tour private?

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Yes! For an additional cost of $120 you can make this tour private. Just let us know at the time of booking.

How much hiking does this tour include?

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This tour contains some hiking through the South Coyote Buttes area. Each of our tours is flexible to the needs and desires of the group; you can choose how much or how little hiking you would like to do.

Are the ATVs safe to drive and can anyone drive them?

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The ATV machines are extremely safe to drive and are fully insured, think of them as little cars! Check out our Important Info section for more details on the ATV participation requirements.

How can I get a permit to visit South Coyote Buttes?

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You will need to apply online or in person for the chance to gain a permit. Click here to read more on obtaining a permit.

Is this tour suited for you?

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This tour is suitable for everyone five years old or older!  We have Jeep 4x4s available for families with little ones. Just take note of the participation requirements for the ATVs and note there is significant hiking involved.

Is lunch included?

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Lunch is not included, please bring along your own packed lunch and we will happily store it for you in our cooler. Note that we will bring along plenty of chilled bottled water.

What happens if my tour is cancelled?

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In the extremely rare case of this tour being cancelled, it would be due to unsafe weather conditions. We will work with you to arrange another tour date or offer a full refund.

Explore The Protected South Coyote Buttes Area

The Southern cousin to The Wave, South Coyote Buttes has a mystique all of its own. Just like the North Coyote Buttes, it is protected from high foot traffic, so you’ll need a permit to visit.
Protecting these areas from high visitation ensures the area remains unspoiled and makes for a truly intimate experience as you explore, and offers once in a lifetime photographs without the crowds.

We’ll set off together from Kanab and head for House Valley Rock Road where we’ll get into the ATVs and officially kick off our day’s adventure! Have a blast as you travel in a convoy with your guide, following backcountry sand trails and desert terrain as we progress towards South Coyote Buttes, getting there really is half the fun!

Once you arrive, learn all about the area from your friendly guide and bask in the warm reds, oranges and yellows that paint the surrounding sandstone.
Marvel at the teepee rock formations, some tower over 25 feet tall! Explore other formations like Gumdrop Rock, Radio Tower, Cottonwood Cove, Pawhole and of course the “Mini Wave” which bears a striking a resemblance (albeit on a smaller scale!) to its big brother, The Wave.
When we are through exploring the area, we can get back in the ATVs and enjoy another fun and thrilling ride back to the trailhead, taking in more of those awesome views as we go.
We’ll transport you back to our original meeting point and bid you a fond farewell after a fun, action-packed day together!

Visitor Permit Info

The area of South Coyote Buttes is protected by local laws put in place to respect the structure as well as those who visit it. Therefore, a limited number of permits are issued each day to hikers.

Click here for full permit details.


Online Permits

South Coyote Buttes online permits are available through their calendar system rather than the lottery. The calendar is viewable 3 months in advance and will indicate how many permits are available each day.

• You can apply online for $5 and then must pay an additional $5 per permit, per person. The $5 lottery entrance fee is non-refundable. Dogs are $5 each. Apply online here.
• A maximum of 6 people per application is allowed.
• If you plan on using our services as guides, choose Cottonwood as the Trailhead and enter Kanab Tour Company for the license plate number. Note that we operate Monday through Saturday.
• You do not need to obtain a permit for your guide as we carry our own guiding permissions from the Bureau of Land Management.
• If you are lucky and obtain a permit, it will be mailed to you at the address on your application. You can then call us and schedule a tour.

Coyote Buttes South Applications:

In-Person Lottery

This is a nail-biting event held at the Bureau of Land Management Visitor Center in Kanab. Here, crowds from 50-250 people gather every morning during the high season (5 days/week during the slower season) to put their names into the draw for 10 permits.
The room is dead quiet as everyone awaits their fate. Each application is assigned a number, and old-fashioned wooden BINGO balls are placed into a roller cage representing each number. The Bureau of Land Management employee will roll the cage around until a ball drops. They will announce the number, and there will generally be cheers from somewhere in the room.

• During the spring, summer and fall months, the in-person lottery is held 7 days a week, the day before your preferred hike date. During the winter months, the lottery is held Monday-Friday, the day before your preferred hike date, with Friday’s drawing allotting permits for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
• The Drawing is held at 10:00 am (MT).
• There is no lottery entrance fee when applying in person, you’ll just need to pay the $5 per permit, per person if you are lucky enough to be selected. Dogs are $5 each.
• If you plan on using our services as guides, choose Cottonwood as the Trailhead and enter Kanab Tour Company for the license plate number. Note that we operate Monday through Saturday.
• You do not need to obtain a permit for your guide as we carry our own guiding permissions from the Bureau of Land Management.
• If you’re planning ahead, we can apply in person for you with our “stand-in service.” The cost of this is $50. If your party is lucky at the lottery, you will also need to pay $5 per permit, per person.
• We can stand-in for a maximum of five people. The “stand-in service” fee may be applied to our guiding services, whether it be to the Wave or any other area. The $50 is non-refundable if you are unlucky in selection. Contact us for more info about this service.
• Permits are available year-round and can be easier to obtain in the winter.